Sub-contracting / Ghost coding

Do you have a flourishing web development business already? Maybe you need to spread out your workload or offload it onto another reliable programmer.

We can help!

Advanced Venture Solutions often takes on projects for other web developers. You keep all the recognition while our “ghost coders” work behind the scenes.

In the end, you get the terrific quality of work your own team would do and we get the opportunity to help you make your project a success.

How does ghost coding work:

It’s a lot like a ghost-writer. Our web programming team will sub-contract with your company and do the work necessary. We will give the code back to you, where it gets sent back to your customers!

Is it secure?

Our web developers will sign a non-disclosure agreement if you desire. We will use the same level of care in keeping your code safe as we would if it were our own.

How do I hire a ghost coder?

Start by contacting us about your project. Fill out as much information as you can on the form. We will get in touch with you with any questions we have. Then we will initiate the contract and begin work. It’s not a difficult process and can all be setup in a short amount of time.