Three simple tips for connecting with customers online

Connect with customers onlineThe beauty of a computerized world is that many things can be automated. Fortunately for you, this makes communicating with customers simpler than ever!

Here are three quick tips that will help get your organization off on the right foot…

Create a blog

A blog (Web log) gives you the opportunity to post fresh content on a regular basis. Why is this important?

For starters, it gives a reason for customers to revisit your website. If you place ads for your own services on the page, it keeps them aware of your product offerings while giving you additional credibility.

Another HUGE reason to create fresh content for your organization’s website is that it will up your search engine scores. If you expect customers to find your site, its important that search engines also find your site. Google recently announced that fresh content is important.

Be found on Social Media

Everyone talks about social media, but we are mentioning it anyway. For small businesses, with limited time, try to start by focusing on one (i.e. Google+). You can branch out once you get the hang of it. Be sure to post often to keep your business fresh in people’s minds.

If on Facebook or Google+, create a page for your business. You can tie this in so that customers and friends can “like” or “+1” your page.

Create an Email list

This takes minutes to complete so you have no excuse. Go to, sign up for an account, get a widget for your website, and place it on your website. You can start collecting names immediately. The next step is to actually send out emails. But for now, just start collecting names, we’ll save the email setup for another post soon!