Best free productivity apps for Android

Based on recent surveys, if you are reading this, you more than likely have a smart phone. One of those recent studies showed that Android encompasses 52% of the current market share of smart phones.

Given the high probability that you own an Android device, I would like to introduce you to a few great free Android applications that will make you more productive at work or at home.  Also, many of these are available on other platforms as well (i.e. iPad and iPhone).

Without further or do, here is the list of the best free productivity apps for Android:

  • AndExplorer – One of the original file explorers.  This app allows you to navigate the system memory and the SD card, move files, and more. Tip: You can open up music files, apk files, and more by clicking on the files from right in AndExplorer.
  • Astrid – One of the longest running to do list managers.
  • Barcode Scanner – You’ve seen the QR codes around. Here is the app that allows you to read them. As another benefit, you can create a QR code using this app to share contacts, webpages, and apps via QR code.
  • Dropbox – The famous file backup app can now be accessed via your mobile tablet or phone.
  • Evernote – It’s your personal organizer. You can do notes, audio, etc. I have known executives that swear by this app. It syncs everything to the cloud for easy access. The big advantage is this, it is synced to the cloud, which means you (or an assistant) can view your notes and audio that was created on your phone from any internet connected computer.
  • Go Launcher – A “launcher” is the interface you use to interact with Android. It includes the drawer that holds your apps as well as the screens that you can rotate to on your phone.  Go Launcher EX allows unlimited screens and customized app drawers.
  • Google Docs – The official Google app for accessing Google’s cloud office program.
  • Google Voice – This is Google’s voicemail program. It also gives you a new unique phone number (use it for a business line, personal use, etc). Google voice transcribes your voicemail messages, emails the contents of the messages, and allows unlimited through the cloud text messages. No matter whether you have a cell phone or a tablet, this will allow you to access voice mails and create text messages from your device.
  • Timeriffic – This app has been a lifesaver for me. It allows you to create rules that are activated based on time of day and the day of the week. Turn off wi-fi at 2pm on Tuesdays, no problem. Volume muted at 10pm, that’s easy too. Screen full bright on your commute to work, easy as well. This is one of the undiscovered gems of Android and should be on your top list.


If you’re looking for more free apps that normally cost money, download the Amazon App Store. They give one free app a day. About once a week, they offer something truly productive. Just make a habit of checking it regularly to make sure you don’t miss a good app.

If you have suggestions to add to this list, let us know your recommendations on the best free productivity apps for Android in the comments below.